Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cards from Fall Workshop Weekend

Hi Scrappers
For those of you that didn't get the cards finished during our workshop I wanted to post a few photos. These are from my sister's cell phone, so they are not super great, but they should give you an idea of the basic card design.
These two are pretty self explanatory, all of the pieces are included, the backgrounds are textured and then the embellishments are layered on top.

The card on the left is hard to see but each of those white squares has a different texture embossed into it. The strip at the bottom is white washi tape. I liked this for a generic type wedding, anniversary, thank you card.
The card on the right has a strip of washi tape at the bottom and then the three tags with hearts. I tied baker's twine on each and then the ends are stapled to the top of the card.

This card is pretty cool because the pieces that you cut off to make one card are the pieces you glue down for the other. A great idea if you want to make a bunch of cards on your own,