Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tales from a busy scrapbook table

Hello Chick Friends

Oh my - we have been so busy and the creativity, diet coke and guacamole have been flowing all around us. I took a picture of our work table on Sunday morning after we had worked all day Saturday and I had to share it.

Let me desconstruct.

On the right side of the table is the Canvas 3 Ring Binder project by Pink Paislee that has 20 yes- 20 sheet protectors of various sizes. So much space for photos, journaling, mementos, etc in this project. A bit daunting to get started but it is really looking awesome. Darcie is working on this with the Happy Together line by Fancy Pants.
On the left side of the table- okay and on the end too is Kerry's project- the Vintage Receipt Holder. It looks like a science experiment with all of the different bottles of ink down on the end of the table, we are using alcohol ink, distress ink, heat embossing, ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE), and more with this project. We wanted to create a truly custom project for each person, you can choose the colors you like. Actually we did the entire project with blue and green and then decided to re do it for the sample in blue and red for some color variety. We also have purple- which is GORGEOUS! We have been having so much fun trying out new techniques like making pressed glass charms, custom dying ribbon, creating border masks, and then some really really bad techniques.
5 things we learned:

1- Don't try and heat set (with a heat gun) Glossy Accents onto inked chipboard. Although we did enjoy watching it create a huge plastic bubble that sort of wrinkled down into a gloppy mess, we definitely won't be using that as a technique.

2- Don't overfill a charm frame with UTEE or you will have a kind of bubbly globby wierd looking piece that reminds me of something from Harry Potter.
3- If you get out latex gloves to wear when you are working with ink it is probably best to actually put them on, otherwise you will have blue/red/purple/green fingers for many many days.

4- Pink tinted embossing ink is a great idea so you can see where you stamp, but when you stamp on white and use clear embossing powder it pretty much stays pink. Which is good if you like pink, not so good otherwise.
5- glitter is good but so so so so messy, and we hope not hazardous to digest since it seemed to get in everything including brownies, chips, guacamole, etc. (okay not related to this project but still good to know)

We will post another project sneak peek tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!
Kerry and Darcie

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