Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Calendar

So- if you have been searching our site looking for the magnetic Halloween calendar you probably realized it is not there for sale yet.

Big snag. Our wholesale supplier is out of stock on the paper mache stand up piece- yes you know the foundation of the whole project! She estimates they will have them back in stock around the end of Oct. Hmmm, that doesn't work so well.

We located and ordered some from a retail site but we don't want to post anything for sale until we actually have them in our hands- should be Thursday.
We will have them this weekend at our Community Crop at the library in Issaquah, or to ship out on Friday. We don't want to break the library's rules and so we can't sell anything at the crop this weekend but can make arrangements to purchase and pick up kits from us offsite.

Kerry and Darcie
The Scrap Yard Chicks

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