Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Having fun making handmade table decor for Spring Workshop in April

Oh my gosh, I have so many great ideas to decorate each guest's spot at the Spring Workshop Weekend! Thank you Pinterest!

The first fun piece of table d├ęcor is a stand up canvas, just perfect for displaying class directions, stashing a few odds and ends under the cute elastic bands and keeping things close at hand.

These are all handstamped and decorated by Me! plus I couldn't resist a cute tag and decorating a clothespin with a fun birdie wood veneer. My husband John attached the clipboard piece and the removable legs on the back.

Don't you just love it? Do you want one? Go and sign up at Workshops on our website.  We have lots more sneak previews coming in the next few days as we finish up with our projects.

I have lots more ideas to come. Have a scrappy day!

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