Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Layouts Are Here! The Layouts Are Here!

Okay-for those of you who love The Jerk you will know that I was inspired by the line from Steve Martin-The Phonebooks are Here! The Phonebooks Are Here! I think that the level of excitement that I feel when I finished is equal to Navin seeing his name in print. But enough of my movie nostalgia. It is 30 lovely scrapbooking pages, that I am glad to finally check off of my list.

There are three different paper lines used for the Layout Class for our Winter Workshop Weekend. Each attendee gets to choose which line they want for their layouts. We work hard to pick out paper lines that are different but that work well for lots of different photos. Here are some of the page samples-we aren't going to show you all of them because that would ruin all of the fun surprises!
Origins-gorgeous combinations of green, yellow, and dark brown. The dark colored cardstock is actually Java Brown-even though it looks black.

Lime Rickey-Ooh how I love this paper line. It reminds me of summer and Disneyland and fun times. The colors are very fun and bright, plus the birds are such a crack up. We partnered it with black and white Bazzill cardstock.

Marrakech-Okay this paper just makes me want to go on a trip. Gorgeous color combinations of coral, turquoise, dark brown and green. The dark color is Java Brown.

Now the hard part- you have to choose just one

well, not totally true you can pre order an extra kit if you want.

Have a great day! Today is my dad's 72 Birthday-he gets to spend it with me and all of my scrapbooking stuff spread all over his dining room. What a lucky guy!

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