Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Sneak Preview-Folded Paper Flowers Album

Well, this amazing project started out as a mini class project-it was just supposed to be a few folded flowers, maybe 45 mins to an hour. A great warm up.
So as we started each figuring out what flowers we wanted to do, and making them, and the project GREW and GREW.

Soon we had a whole garden of flowers, all fun, all different.

Then we picked our paper, the Fresh Prints Clothesline by Little Yellow Bicycle. We thought that the paper was pretty but nothing too great-until we folded it into flowers. Voila! Gorgeous.

The album for this is really simple, an accordion fold, acrylic cover with patterned paper and cardstock tags. A few of the flowers are on top of the acrylic cover, the rest are enclosed behind.

We think you will love making this beautiful album. Lots of super techniques to learn.


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! I love all of the different flowers!!

  2. This looks like a neat project. Love all those flowers.

  3. How adorable! I love those flowers!

  4. Wow great flowers! You need to do a tutorial on these for sure!

  5. love this.... the flowers are way cute. thanks for sharing...