Sunday, April 18, 2010

Printer Tray Project for Spring Workshop

Here is our first sneak preview of the projects for our Spring Workshop Weekend.

These printer trays by Seven Gypsies are the perfect combination of home decor and photo display-we just loved this dark brown color and set of "Nest" stickers with coordinating paper and embellishments. We added our own special mini album so we could include more photos with our project.
I apologize to my sweet chocolate lab Hershey for not being included in the picture display on the tray-I was having some issues with my little photo printer and black and white pictures-ahh technology is so grand. She will, of course, be included on my home display and there is a cute photo of her in the mini album. The other cute chicks are my sister Cindy and nieces Brittani (who turns 18 this month) and Parker (who is about 1 year old in the photo). Such cuties. I do also have nephews but they are not usually very cooperative when it comes to photos- so I don't have a lot of great ones of them.
Check back later this week-we will have sneak preview of our Oh Happy Days Portfolio album featuring Bella Boulevard's All Inclusive line.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather!

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