Saturday, January 4, 2014

Project flashback-a great layout with video using envelopes as photo mats

Originally posted on January 13th, 2011
Our layout this week is all about stories. First, a little back story- on Christmas Eve my family was sitting around eating snacks (uh yeah the BEST part of Christmas Eve) and I started asking everyone about their favorite Christmas memories. So my parents started telling stories about their favorite Christmas morning memories from when they were kids, and my sister was sharing some of hers and my husband, etc etc. Okay, then I looked at my bag from Starbucks and their theme for Christmas was "Stories are gifts - Share". Hmmm. Inspirational. You could totally cut out the piece from the Starbucks bag or their holiday cup sleeve and use it on the layout if you want.

So the idea with this layout is to collect some stories, travel, holiday, birthday, just funny family stuff and write them down for your scrapbook. We are using envelopes to make pockets to tuck the stories into, and then you can put a photo on the front.

We are also using one of my favorite techniques that looks so much harder than it is, mitered corners. We are running a striped paper all the way around the layout and mitering the corners- such a fantastic looking technique.

I included a video this week with both of our techniques- it is handy to watch the mitering technique if you haven't done it before, or it has been a while.

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