Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Days and Scrapbook Projects

The thing about snow is that it is fun

Lots of frolicking around, uncovering frozen toys, and avoiding inside responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, writing project instructions, finishing projects for Christmas Workshops, posting photos on your blog, etc.

Thankfully (ahh see the Thanksgiving tie in) I already had the project and pages done for this week. Here is a preview of a really fast and easy accordion album/table decor/mantle piece that you can do for Thanksgiving. The idea is to put a photo on each of the pullout pieces and/or journal about what you Give Thanks for.

This project is for our Project a Week subscribers and I will be sending out the directions later this morning. (as soon as I write them- he he)

I changed up my plan a bit and next week we will have a year in review mini book. I thought we needed a little Thanksgiving first. To subscribe for a project every week in your email box click HERE.


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