Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 4 Glass Light Photo Display-10 Days of Christmas Gifts

Happy Holiday Gift Making Day 4!

Today our project is a cool photo display using a glass block light. The light is from Ikea (I found so many cool things there this year). It measures 4x4x9, and is made from frosted glass. Very beautiful, and affordable at just $7.99. If you didn't want to use photos you could also decorate this with vinyl words or beautiful paper or stamped images.

I wrapped my lights with a piece of scrapbooking transparency and then adhered the transparency along the bottom edge and up the side edge. I covered my bottom adhesive with ribbon- you could also use buttons or paper scraps. My photos slip underneath the transparency from the top (you don't use adhesive along the top edge) for a fantastic display.

Shopping List:
GRÖNÖ glass light from Ikea ($7.99)

12 x 12 Transparency
Ribbon-3 feet of ribbon if you want to lace up the side, 2 feet of ribbon if you want to wrap around the top and bottom
12 x 12 Paper or Cardstock-if desired for matting photos- you can also use a piece of paper between the light and your transparency- I did this in the laced lamp.

Rub ons or stamps and Stayzon ink to decorate the top of the light

Lets get started!

Step One
· Peel label off the lamp, clean off any finger prints, etc.
Step Two
· Cut your transparency sheet into two pieces, 6x12.
· If you want to lace your lamp on the side (see example below), you will do this now, if not skip Step Three
Step Three
· Punch 7 holes on left edge and right edge of transparency.
· Lace the ribbon starting on the outside, criss cross ribbon on the back side of transparency and come back up through the holes. Repeat until you get to the top, tie ribbon in a knot and then a bow.
· Trim piece so it is 6 x 16

Step Four- this is if you are not lacing your sheets together
· Using Red Super Tape, adhere the two sheets together, trim to 6 x 16
Step Five
· Apply Red super tape all along bottom edge of transparency and up ONE of the sides. This side will be on the outside.
· Starting on the back, peel the tape back about 4” at a time and adhere transparency along bottom edge of lamp. Peel off the tape on the side and adhere together. Step Six
· Add Rub Ons, Stamp images with Stayzon or Stayzon Opaque, add trim or ribbon around the top or bottom
· Slide your photos into the transparency sleeves. Turn on and enjoy!

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