Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 9 One Sheet Mini Album-10 Days of Christmas Gifts

For our 9th Day of $10 or less Christmas Projects we are bringing you a One Sheet Mini Album (the album itself is just one sheet of paper, the inserts, tags, etc require some cardstock- but not too much).

The photos of the Birthday Album are from one of our classes that we taught at our Workshop Weekend in February 2011. They will help you figure out how to customize your project once you have the album constructed.

1. Score and fold your paper at 6", open up.
2. Turn, score and fold your paper again at 6", do not open up.
3. Score your paper at 3" along the entire length, crease and open back up.4. Cut along crease line as shown.

5. Open up and fold paper in half horizontally-the cut section should be along the top. Stand the book up- the fold should be along the top edge. A diamon should form in the middle.

6. Push the two ends together.

7. Take the left end and fold to the front to form a cover.

8. Crease the spine and your pages again and you are done.

Use a stapler or paper strips to seal up the openings along the bottom of the book. You are ready to fill all of those little pockets with tags and photo mats!

For our birthday book below- we used 1 x 3" strips of cardstock folded in half lengthwise and glued them along the bottom edges of our book.

Get creative with the pockets that form on the sides and top of your book. Use our sample as an inspiration for your project.

When your book is done you can wrap a ribbon around it and tie it closed.
Have fun!

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