Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 Days of Photo Ornaments- Day 2

Happy Saturday Holiday Chicks!

Today's photo ornament is one of my favorites- it is a series of circles that fold out and spin like a carousel on your tree.

So cute, plus it folds flat for storage or to send to someone.

4-6x6 pieces of cardstock or cardstock weight patterned paper
6" of ribbon or trim for the hanging loop
12" of ribbon or trim to tie open
Coordinating scraps for the photo mats
Misc embellishments to decorate your ornament
Cut out at least 4 circles- 5 1/2- 6" in diameter. You can use your Cricut, circle cutter, or trace a bowl or plate and cut out.

Fold circle in half

Fold again into fourths

Open up and cut along one of the fold lines (red in photo) to the center

Fold cut pieces up and then fold each of the quarters again into an eighth of a circle.

Put adhesive on the back of one of those pieces and adhere on top of the other piece.

Repeat with all 4 circles. Fold hanging loop (6" of ribbon or trim) in half, glue along upper folded edge of one circle.

Glue circles together along sides, leaving two sides unglued as the opening.

Punch holes in the two open sides, thread 12" of ribbon though and tie to keep ornament open.
Punch out four 1" circles and adhere along outside edge, one circle on each piece. Add the year with stickers or die cut numbers.

Mat your photos on scraps of cardstock and adhere.

Have a wonderful Saturday! Happy Holidays
The Scrap Yard Chicks

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