Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 Days of Photo Ornaments- Day 9 A Mini Explosion Box

This may be my favorite ornament so far- a mini mini explosion box. I had this idea this morning in the shower- I do my best thinking with my head under the water- funny how that works!

It is just 2x2, and it looks like a little present hanging on your tree, but when you lift off the lid the sides fold out to reveal your mini photos. Bam! Explosion. Well, maybe not an explosion exactly.


1- 12 x 12 Double Sided Pattern Paper or Cardstock
24" of ribbon
Misc Christmas Embellishments

ScorPal or scoring tool and ruler
Cropadile hole punch
Misc. paper punches

Cut your paper into 3 squares
5 3/4 x 5 3/4
4 1/8 x 4 1/8

Start with the 6x6, score along left edge at 2", turn a quarter turn and score again at 2", repeat working your way around all four sides.

Repeat with 5 3/4 x 5 3/4.
Trim out the corner square pieces of both squares, they should look like a cross.

Adhere together in the center, reach in from the corner and punch a hole, repeat on the opposite corner.

Lid- Use the 4 1/8 x 4 1/8 square, score along the left edge at 1", turn a quarter turn and score again at 1", repeat for all four sides.

Clip along score line from edge to next score line. Repeat for all four sides.

Reach in on the corner and punch holes as you did for the box bottom. Apply adhesive on flaps and fold into box top shape.

Thread ribbon or rick rack through holes at the bottom of the box, then thread through holes in the lid. Tie an overhand knot in the ends on top of the lid.

Now you should be able to fold the sides in and place the lid on top.

Add photos to the sides of your box fold outs and any embellishments you desire.

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