Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo Ornaments- Day 5 A Paper Folded Medallion/Rosette

Happy 5th Day of Photo Ornaments

Today we are making a paper medallion/rosette with a photo in the center. This is such a beautiful ornament, and fun to make in lots of different sizes. We are making the smaller one (4" in diameter). If you want to make the large ornament (6" in diameter), cut your paper into 3x12 strips (you need 2) and then make a smaller medallion to glue on top.

You can hang jingle bells or a tag with the date from the bottom of your rosette.

2-2x12 Strips of patterned paper
2- 2 3/4" circles
6" of ribbon to hang
12" of ribbon for jingle bells
2 jingle bells

Also need: ScorPal or scoring tool, 2 3/4" circle punch and 2 1/2" circle punch or use the Cricut, decorative border punch or decorative scissors.

Score 2x12 strips of patterned paper every 1/2"

Use border punch or decorative scissor to cut one long edge of each piece.
Accordion fold along score lines.

Glue strips together to form one long strip, then glue into a circle.
Apply glue all over one of the 2 3/4" circles, push accordion folded circle into a medallion shape- the decorative edge should be on the outside, the plain edge will be the center. Adhere medallion to the circle.

Glue second 2 3/4" circle on the other side, sandwiching medallion between. Hold until glue dries

Punch out photo with 2 1/2" circle punch. Add to center.

Tie 6" of ribbon to the top for a hanger. Tie 12" of ribbon to the bottom and hang jingle bells from bottom.

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