Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you ever had . . .

one of those projects that was supposed to take 1 - maybe 2 hours to do and it took 8?

This morning I started updating our website with the registration information for our Winter 2011 Workshop Weekend. So exciting. I love when we start posting all of the ideas that we have been talking about and the registrations start coming in.

So, I got up at 5:30 to get started so we would be live by 8:00. Ummm, why did my computer have to install some update from Microsoft last night? I don't have any idea what was installed but it ran so SLLLOOOOWWWW today that it almost got a permanent vacation. So, after so many crashes and restarts that I couldn't count and problems with Paypal and wierd overlapping text that was completely illegible, I finally got our site mostly working and updated at 2 pm- yes that is slightly later than my 8 am goal.

So to recap, 8 hours, 12 cups of coffee (yes I drank a whole 12 cup carafe of coffee), 1 peppermint mocha, 1 diet coke and 2 slices of 9 grain toast later, we are ready for registrations. But guess what- we already have our first chick signed up! Whooppee! It a scrapbooker from Oregon who is coming up for the weekend with her friends. So excited to meet new scrapbookers.

If you want to see what we have planned or to register for our Winter 2011 Workshop Weekend, visit our Workshop Page on our website.

Okay, I had better get busy putting our photo ornament for the day online.


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